Chugging out of the harbor, smooth sailing ahead

“On⇔Offline in Tokyo” is the best experience that I’ve had with a new blog, a re-design or a re-boot.

Note: A re-boot is when you let your blog gather dust and then start by apologizing to the non-existent audience that you’re back.

I’d gone back and forth on whether to go with yet another installation of WordPress or taking the opportunity to learn another CMS. During this dithering, I was opening up iAWriter on my laptop during the commute and just typing, typing, typing. This happened half a dozen times in the last two weeks.

With a few hours before going to bed yesterday, I decided to take the plunge because my draft documents were piling up. I didn’t want anything to clog the writing that was happening naturally!

And you know what? The out-of-the-box experience of WordPress 3.2 with Twenty Eleven was so good that I spent five minutes installing WordPress and… went back to blogging.

Note: When I first installed WordPress way back in the day, I spent countless weekend installing and hacking at plugins and themes. While definitely fun and very educational, it took 6 months to start writing.

These were my somewhat arbitrary requirements, which WordPress brilliantly fulfilled.

  1. multiple formats for single blog entries
  2. big header images customizable per single blog entry
  3. pull quote styles
  4. adaptive to mobile devices screen sizes

My advice for a smooth start? Write 3 articles in your text editor that you’re happy with, before setting up your blog system. Content first.