A small hack for a rainy day, delivered to our doorstep

The office doorbell rang in the middle of a typhoon. It was the delivery man. High humidity had melted the small bit of adhesive on the delivery slip, making it stick completely to the box. The slip started tearing when the delivery man tried to peel it off with his fingernail. He asked for a box cutter, which I brought out from the cupboard.

Getting down on his knees, the man carefully cut out a rectangle around the slip, taking with it the top most layer of the cardboard box.

When I marveled at his ingenuity, he replied “Actually, another customer just showed me how to do this!”. I signed his slip and he went on his merry way.

People on the ground, day in and day out,
will incrementally build up smart workarounds.

Guessing from the way he used his scanner, this man was probably new to the job. He was doing things by the book, checking and double checking that each step was right.

Will a service provider improve a small inconvenience such as this one? Maybe, maybe not. I bet this man will start carrying around a box cutter, though. Maybe just on rainy days.