Getting past mind blocks, or the 42kg clean

PR’ing the 42kg clean and jerk for 13.4 to stay in the Open was a big moment for me. It also became a bit of a curse. The weight built itself up in my mind as something special that happened in the heat of competition. It became a mind block and I meandered at 40kg and under in the months that followed.

Today, one of the workouts was to work up to a heavy power clean. I did 24kg, 29kg, 35kg, 37kg, then 40kg, and it felt pretty good. I had the station to myself and decided to take a few more minutes to just try for 41kg.

It felt… just like the 40kg. #facepalm

Now there was nothing to lose. The initial barrier was broken. Sliding off the thin 500g plates and replacing them with the slightly sturdier 1kg ones, I stepped right up to the bar, took a deep breath and power cleaned it like I’d done it a million times before.


I’m now back to working towards the next milestone – cleaning my body weight at 50kg.