Seriously, just never say never

If you’d asked me a month ago about the chances of me running regularly and willingly, I would have scoffed and said that the likelihood of me going skydiving was much higher. Even after helping to launch ASICS’s online training service, even after devouring Born to Run, even after attending Dr. ‘Pose’ Romanov‘s seminar… the idea of running held zero appeal for me. It was boring, it was slow, it was painful and it was just the least interesting way to get fit.

But now that I’ve put in a few 5+ km runs here and there as part of my triathlon training, I find myself… not minding it much. Even enjoying it sometimes.

On my latest run, I was so focused on the 1min hard, 1min easy intervals and then on the atmosphere of joining strangers listening to some street music

(Seems like Mixbit’s embed codes are broken… you can see my 48sec vid on their site)

that I caught myself wondering why I didn’t do this more often. Oh yeah, I hate running! Or, maybe not?

So, today I did what any girl does when making a change. Get new shoes.

Tomorrow, I’m joining a group run in my neighborhood. It will be a 10km run – the distance of the run portion of the triathlon. I’m hoping that in the next few weeks, this distance will become as ‘easy’ as the 5km has become. Let’s see how it goes. My first and last 10km was two months ago and I had to have a doctor take a look at my knee afterwards…

And… skydiving, huh? One day!