Tactical tips for my next triathlon

Tips picked up from my first triathlon.


  • Secure a place in front of the pack and swim hard in the first few minutes for a smoother start
  • Go faster, you’re not going to save much energy anyway
  • Scout the course ahead of time and memorize where all the buoys are, not just the one at the turning point


  • Tape a second gel to take at the halfway point
  • Become a stronger cyclist…


  • Don’t forget to take off the biking gloves
  • Review the map and decide where to pick up the pace ahead of time


  • Pack race-day breakfast
  • Make sure all of the shoe laces are tied tightly
  • Slather on sunscreen before putting on the wetsuit
  • Have the Strava app launched before the race

5km jog through Shitamachi, enjoying the tail end of summer.