Installing WordPress on Sakura’s rental servers

Sakura is one of the biggest and cheapest hosting services in Japan, and I signed up for an account last week to create a new WordPress site. They have a “quick install” feature for WordPress and a few other services.

They also have a default setting that totally tripped me up as a user not in Japan. This blog post is dedicated to that one other person somewhere who might encounter the same thing in the future.

Cuz see, it was my location that was causing the issue:

It was pretty clear that my problem was specific to Sakura, so I pored over support forums and blog posts in Japanese but did not find anything that hinted at a solution. In hindsight, this is because all of these people are in Japan. Argh.

It was a sad weekend. Yes, I am a lapsed engineer but I could still install a WordPress site, couldn’t I!? 



Alright, let’s start with the problem.

This is how to use the Quick Install:

and when you get to this step,



the browser takes you to {}/{whateveryouchose}/wp-admin/install.php

Which is supposed to open the WordPress install page.

Instead, you will encounter:

You don’t have permission to access /wp/wp-admin/install.php on this server.

Don’t bother with any of these things:

  • change permission settings
  • check that index.php was being recognized
  • give up on “quick install” and do a manual install

You won’t even be able to FTP in. Nope, there isn’t a problem with your password.

In 2014, Sakura announced stronger security measures against foreign IP addresses

so what you and I need to do is follow these instructions

and switch this filter to “off”:


Et voila!



Now, on to building the site.