Maybe it’s time to buy a digital camera again

I find myself looking at the photos that Yukiko took while we hiked for seven days in the Alps and regretting that I only had an iPhone.

My 500g Olympus mirrorless digital camera had quickly ended in the “don’t need” pile while pruning the packing list again and again. Not collapsing from exhaustion had been my primary concern but now that I’ve survived the adventure…. I could have carried a bit more in exchange for the long-term pleasure of having a few hundred photos to document our journey, right?

I used to be religious about updating Flickr with properly annotated “sets” of my travels and I miss it. The ability to re-visit those memories in one click. The Streams that have become our digital lives are not good for that.

I suppose I could organize the Instagram photos that are cross-posted to Flickr but it’s not the same. With varying degrees of deliberateness, Instagram photos are selected with a real-time audience in mind. I post less, and not very many with people’s faces.

So I’m thinking of getting a small camera with great zoom capability. (The Olympus requires two hands and it makes shooting less casual.) And then, bring back the act of sitting down and organizing a trip album – to be shared immediately with whomever I had the pleasure of sharing that travel experience with, and for my future self.

This photo of me talking photos of the lamb was taken by Yukiko in August 2015 somewhere up in the mountains.