30 Day Blogging Challenge – Here I come!

When you don’t know what you want to do, just pick a job and start saving money. This is advice for university students that I heard somewhere a long time ago. Sensible, right? The logic is that you at least start engaging in something different. And that you’ll have some savings when you’ve figured out something more interesting.

I’ve being moping around for reasons too tedious to get into and figure a blogging challenge is a solid way to get out of the funk. Better writing skills and hopefully some kind of clarity is money in the bank.

So… see you tomorrow!

(And when I say you, I’m just talking to Tumblr. Promotion’s not part of the game 😎)

This photo was taken in early September in a residential alleyway close to Père Lachaise. The next day, I found another one near Place de la République.