How can taste be recorded?

My wine consumption has increased exponentially since moving to Paris (yay!) and I’m looking for a simple app to record the ones that I enjoyed. Drinking a glass and gazing at the bottle label has been incredibly unhelpful in building my knowledge, even when there’s an explanation from a friend.

But how do you record taste in a way that it can be recalled for a future decision? Food has the advantage of having much more recognizable ingredients and a stronger visual cue. A drink, especially one that looks more or less the same and whose main ingredient is the same fruit, is much trickier.

What I would want to record, to help me remember:

  • a photo: recruit another sense
  • the location: the name and map of the restaurant/bar would trigger memories of who I was with and what we talked about = great context
  • a short comment: this is optional, though. Honestly, a lot of times I will be left with a vague memory of the degree of enjoyment and have no recall about the taste.

An ideal response from an app:

  • a visual representation of where it came from: I need to see it on a map for the name of a region to mean anything…
  • type of grape: not sure what the best way is to familiarize a newbie
  • the right vocabulary to express the taste: this one is important. I think there’s a way to break down a taste and express it with words and once you’ve gotten a feel for it, the chances and accuracy of recall will be much stronger.

This post comes after having tried out half a dozen apps and being left unsatisfied. I’ll do a quick roundup in a future post.

The photo at the top was taken at La Buvette on September 3rd, 2015 where I set a personal record for “most types of wine tried in one night”. At four, leaving lots of room for more.