Technicalities vs priorities in a 30 day challenge

Technically, playing catch up on a 30 blogging challenge by writing multiple posts and tweaking the publish date for some of them is cheating.

On the other hand, the purpose of the challenge is to develop the habit of publishing on a regular basis.

Starting over or proceeding with holes in the published dates are less attractive options. The former for obvious reasons and the latter, because it would create a sense of failure that’s detrimental to a self-initiated activity such as this one.

That was the thought process for my fifth and sixth post.

Navel gazing much? Well, I’ll report back on whether I was just fooling myself (= continue slipping up and ultimately failing) or if this bandaid is strong enough to carry me to the 30th day. That seems like a worthy validation to make..!

This photo was taken on August 4th, 2009, somewhere in Borneo. I love meat but I might love fish just a little bit more.