Slack as an excellent RSS reader

As an avid blog reader, I’ve maintained a collection of RSS feeds for more than a decade now, lugging it across too many RSS reader apps to count.

They’re finally flourishing in this new home – a discretionary Slack channel that I created in the company group, to which I’m the only subscriber.

Screen Recording 2015-09-12 at 03.04 pm

No longer faced with the dreaded ritual of processing hundreds of unread items, I find myself truly enjoying blogs once again.

I check the channel a dozen times a day, a few seconds each time. The action is friction-less, since I’m already in and out of Slack throughout the day.

I’ve become much more active in subscribing/unsubscribing to feeds, which has drastically improved the signal to noise ration as I find new authors or as my interests develop.

Articles get read on the spot or tucked into Pocket for later. This takes two clicks on the desktop app (open in Chrome, then Pocket plugin) or two taps on the mobile app (long press to pull up Share, then select Pocket). Because the feeds are so in tune with my interests in that moment, I read more and more deeply than in the past.

My learning and discovery of new ideas and angles have accelerated in the past six months, and I attribute a lot of that to this set-up.

If you’re a lapsed RSS app user who loves using Slack – give it a try!