Importing articles from Squarespace into WordPress

  1. Follow these instructions to generate a XML file of a blog on your Squarespace site.
  2. Install the free WordPress plugin “Import any XML or CSV File to WordPress”
  3. Upload the XML file
  4. Select “item” from the lists of elements and add this filtering option. This is important. In Squarespace, you can’t choose which elements you want to download and the XML file includes all sorts of things. By adding this rule, you can filter the list to actual posts.
  5. Import the articles as drafts.
  6. Create mappings – title, slug, body, publish date are essential. I forgot publish date the first time around (the interface is hard to understand) and had to re-do the import.
  7. Import!
  8. Go through your drafts and chose “bulk edit” to publish the articles that you selected. The import doesn’t carry over published states, meaning it includes Squarespace drafts.