I started a reading list

Inspired by Frank Hamm’s Reading List, I dug through my Amazon and Audible history for the past six month to start a Reading List of my own.

Taking inventory from time to time is healthy… it’s clear I’m much better at identifying interesting books and buying them, than actually reading them!

Goodreads doesn’t really work for me (*), so I look forward to tending this list.

2015 Reading List

Oh, trying to work through my backlog of Audible credits has made my To Read list explode. </excuse>

(*) The data entry mechanisms aren’t suited for the data accuracy that I would want with how their app is designed. As in, the forms are very detailed, like Date Started Reading, but adding and updating the status is a chore and a bore. So I never feel like the data is clean enough to be worth it. </UX designer problems>

Photo taken July 3rd, 2008 at Kamogawa Sea World, a few hours from Tokyo.

2 thoughts on “I started a reading list”

  1. Hey Tomomi, I’m happy I could inspire you 🙂 You have interesting books on your list!

    I tried several times to have some kind of a “structured” reading list. Goodreads, Excel (booooh!), Social Bookmarks … finally I just edit a page on my WordPress blog 🙂

    1. I went through a similar journey and went “AH HA!” when I saw your list. We were trying too hard! WP page is just right! Thanks for this solution and happy reading 🙂

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