Tending my garden of live pages

Continuing yesterday’s topic about tinkering with publishing platforms, I want to dig a deeper into one of those experiments, which I’m calling Live Pages.

This blog has three Pages that don’t fit the content type of either a post or a page, in WordPress terms. These are the What I’m working on this month page and Upcoming travel page that I added to the sidebar/menu in addition to the Reading List.

Traditionally, a Page has static content. “About” content would go on a Page, whereas a project update would be a dated Post. This is pretty clear cut in the world of WordPress and hasn’t changed for years.

This month will be maintained throughout the month and archived at the end. It’s a semi real-time status report that gets overwritten until it’s archived, at which point, everything should be in the past tense[1. I’ll create a new page at the beginning of the month and swap the sidebar link. All of this may or may not be too much work. For the time being, it’s fun to lay everything out on one page. It would be great to have these pages for reflection so I’m quite hopeful…!].

Upcoming travel will be updated in the same way as the Reading List. After a trip has passed, that section will be deleted.

They all actually started as posts (or drafts of posts) but I found it boring to write roundups or announcements that would go stale very quickly or already be old by the time it’s published.

These Live Pages morph throughout their lifetime and there are timestamps to indicate when there’s been an update. So far, I really like this feeling of tending to these pages. It gives perspective on how I spend my time, without the pressure of saying something clever after the fact & when I’ve already mentally moved on.

I suppose that it’s also a type of risk hedge for when the frequency of my blogging slows down. These pages are very low-barrier to update, and updating even a little something gets the creative juices flowing. No staring at blank slates.