Benefits of capturing “what I’m working on this month”

I’ve archived the September page for “What I’m working on this month” and started the October edition. Now that there’s more than one, we can officially call it a series 🙂

It’s been more fun than expected to edit this page throughout the month. What started as a low-hanging fruit to update this site has brought other benefits, and I’ll capture some of those today:

More satisfaction 

Each day brings its own challenges but that tends to bleed together when we don’t take time to reflect. If it’s not one thing, it’s another and before you know it, it’s been another year…. Seeing everything laid out is satisfying in a way that brings a sense of calm. Maybe it’s the simple format? Lists have the magical power of making you feel on top of things.

Start thinking about how to talk about these activities 

Capturing a few sentences about the what and why of each project, especially in relation to my own role, helps put it in context of all of the individual and organizational activities. Related to the above.

Balancing time and energy spent on internal management activities vs client projects vs research

At a client services company, resource priority and recognition goes to the client projects. Everything else can feel under-valued, which can be hugely discouraging, and that’s just plain dangerous to the long-term success and happiness of the team.

The unbalance also tends to be my #1 source of work stress, which is a relatively recent revelation. It’s even more recent that I realized that I can and should be the one controlling the ratio. Well, now that the problem is clear, there can be a solution.

Communicating with other collaborators about the “other stuff” 

I’m fortunate to work with a loose network of a few dozen amazing people, and I’m always intensely curious about what they’re doing when we’re not working together…! Perhaps some of them reciprocate that curiosity. At the moment, I’m focused on quietly plugging away at the act of writing but look forward to sharing more openly soon.