Review: Stillio, automated screenshot tool

Stillio is an automatic screenshot service. With Stillio you can make daily screenshots of webpages to create, manage and share a pixel perfect archive of websites and social media channels.

Here’s why I’m interested in automating the act of taking screenshots:

  • As someone who launched a website, I want to be notified when a client has updated a key template after I’ve left the project, so that I can better evaluate the impact of my work.
  • As someone who is creating a website, I want to be notified when a benchmark site has been re-designed, so that I can investigate their design decisions.
  • As someone who has continuous releases on websites, I want the changes to be captured automatically, so that I can track them down later for sharing purposes.

As you can see, URL-based automatic screenshots would be quite useful.

Stillio is easy to set up, does what it says, and has reasonable pricing — or it’s whatever you might as well pay, if you’re going to pay for screenshots.

Evaluation: Stillio takes daily screenshots and that rhythm didn’t work for me. I set it up and forgot to check in for a few weeks. When I did go and take a look at the screenshots (which were beautifully taken without any fuss), it was too much of a fuss to inspect the small thumbnails to see if something had changed or not.

Conclusion: I let the free trial run out, with a pang of disappointment. I sent in my opinion but didn’t receive a reply, and I would guess it’s not the direction they want to take the product. I understand that it would be tricky to determine if there were changes. The search continues.