I wouldn’t call that a meeting

People love to complain about having too many meetings.

How much impact a meeting can have depends on how the organizer sets it up — the invite, the opening words, the framing of the discussion etc. — and I think one overlooked aspect is what the meeting is called.

Being much more intentional with the name provides context as to why we’re gathering — it sets up clearer expectations for everyone. The name communicates the format, the respective roles, the type of content that the organizer will bring, and maybe even how caffeinated one needs to be.

People don’t get excited about meeeeeeeeetings. We get excited about debating ideas. Learning and sharing news about our project. Getting to decisions. Solving problems.

Here are some of the labels that I like to use instead:

  • Work session
  • Workshop
  • Catch up
  • Check-in
  • Chat / discussion
  • Brainstorm
  • Share
  • Walkthrough
  • Debrief
  • Briefing
  • {Internal|Client} Kick off
  • Pre-mortem / post-mortem
  • Review
  • Something weird to induce a certain emotion ex. Light a fire under {project name}