A workshop on user research at the Intrapreneurship Conference

I had the opportunity to give a 80 minute talk to a wonderfully engaged audience at the Intrapreneurship Conference, organized at Numa.

Asking your own questions and knowing how to find answers are key to reducing uncertainty as you build out ideas. In this session on user experience research, we’ll talk about different ways to get actionable insights on user behaviors, needs and motivations. I’ll share my triumphs and failures working with research and product teams of all sizes, and we’ll go through activities to learn how to design a qualitative research project.

It was my first talk to a non-practitioner crowd. To get across the message that the key to effective user research is to ask the right questions, I chose that (rather than interview techniques and methodologies) the focus of the interactive segment of the talk.

The audience first paired up and interviewed each other about apps that they’d stopped using. Afterwards, we workshopped different ways to build hypotheses, frame questions, and carry out research. People were very energized and so was I, with a vibrant feeling of I-can-do-this-and-this-is-really-good in the air!