Using up the stickies

I go through a ton of stickies in my line of work, and the more expensive 3M ones at that. These are more colorful, made of thicker paper, and have better adhesive tape. 

And it’s important to not treat them as precious items. 

I’ll peel off a new stickie to rewrite a jumbled idea, replace a stray one that lost its stickiness, ruthlessly crumble up those which captured a train of thought that didn’t go anywhere…. and I’ll only bring fresh packs to a workshop. It’s annoying when people use different colors for the same classification of ideas, and vice versa. “No, use a pink one,” I will dictate. Uh huh. 

The result is a mountain of half used stickie packs! Which get bent, dirty, stuck to other half used stickie packs, and generally look less welcoming of new ideas… 

Today, I kicked off a synthesis session of a user research project and used about a hundred stickies. But because I was working alone, and because there was an abnormally large mountain of half used stickies leftover from a big workshop, I relaxed my color rules and managed to finish off quite a few “thin” packs. 

Which resulted in an abnormally large sense of satisfaction. Lol. Gotta treat the tools of the trade with respect, right? ✌️