Aim for a smaller target 

I’ve been hooked on chatting with Lark about my eating, exercise and sleeping habits — the eternally upbeat tone, the incredible variance in speech, and how it’s learned my habits make the app addictive.

It’s also teaching me how to build healthy habits. 

I really liked this conversation today, when I’d stayed home until 5pm-ish and thought there was no way of meeting my daily goal of 1hr of walking. 

Lark immediately nudged me to set a smaller goal once I admitted that there was no way I was going to make it. 

Once I agreed that yes, I could at least get in a tiny amount, it merrily sent me on my way. 

No guilt, no questions, just — it happens, shall we change the target for today? 

It’s such a simple concept but I don’t know if it’s ever been so seamless to switch gears. How much less stress would we have if we were more accepting and flexible about these types of habit-building goals? How much more successful would we have in the long run? 

In the end, I actually hit my normal goal after taking a long walk with a friend and running some errands. 

Lark didn’t make a big fuss; just congratulated me as it would any other day that I reached it.