Talking about chat bots at Ride the Lightning vol. 24

At the AQ Tokyo office, we run an event series called Ride the Lightning.

AFAIK, RTL is the only regular meetup in Tokyo that brings together not only Japanese and English audiences but also designers and developers.

In this edition, we even had an all-female speaker line-up 😉 I teamed up with Marion to give a 30min talk about chat bots and AI and that kind of thing. As always, an excellent turnout and conversation.

Tonight was all about chat bots at AQ. For Ride the Lightning vol. 24, we welcomed the Subot team to share their learned dos and donts of designing a helpful and humane chatbot . Then AQ’s own Marion and Tomomi introduced some recent advances in bot technology, the best examples we’ve seen in the wild, and a few thoughts on what it means to design one.

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