Carly makes a website

WordPress has rolled out the Twenty Seventeen theme with WordPress 4.7.

Each year, I look forward to trying the new theme & seeing what WordPress thinks the web needs.

Twenty seventeen takes an opinionated stand to push WordPress further as a platform, beyond “just a blog”.

Not your usual web designer
This intent drives the storytelling of the video, which features the owner of a pet shop as the main character. What’s cool is that she makes her site 1) on her tablet 2) while standing behind the shop counter.

Carly, who has never heard of WordPress at the beginning of the video, is writing CSS to make her header bigger at the end of it . Okay, maybe that’s pushing it a bit much… but I found it a good reminder that there are plenty of folks making and benefitting from website, who don’t sit at a desk with a huge monitor all day!

A screenshot from the video