Closing the loop on a museum visit

The museum experience focus so much on the physical visit itself, and there’s very little care in the experience to prep you for enjoyment (pre-visit) or help you digest and continue explorations of ideas you encountered in your visit (post-visit).

That’s why I was happy to discover this video, the first in a series aptly called POST-EXPO. The two hosts walk us through the Magritte Exhibition at the Centre Pompidou, mixing in factual information to provide context to better understand Magritte’s work, the curational POV of the exhibition, and their own impressions as art-lovers. At 17 minutes, it’s long for a video but the lively pacing and tone keep you entertained.

Re-visiting the artwork a few days after the museum visit reinforces your memory. I have a much clearer and positive impression of my visit (and Magritte) after having this post-museum experience, which of course, makes the visit more meaningful.

My little dream service is where the museum sends out links to this type of content the day after your visit. A couple of short videos, some reading recommendations, and a few images to enjoy as an iPhone wallpaper. And then, some very occasional communication to draw your attention to a connection between a societal event and the artist.

Until the day I build this service… well, I hope the POST-EXPO folks make another video of a Parisian exhibition! 🙂