Week 44, Year 2018 —In Athens

In Athens for Athens Biennale

I visited Athens for five days with friends to attend the opening week of Athens Biennale. It was a beautiful experience and a fantastic time that I’m still processing and won’t get into here (or else this post will stay in the draft queue… hopefully, building the #weeknotes muscle means one day that I’ll be able to think/write/publish in one arc. Wishful thinking? Note to self to review in six months.)

Just one thing: walking into a panel discussion that was taking place in an old hotel on the first night hit me with a big wave of nostalgia. Between 2010–2012, I‘d been heavily involved in building out the digital presence for two of Japan’s biggest contemporary art events, Setouchi Triennale and Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale. Whether it be in rural Japan or the tumultuous capital of Greece — and for better or for worse — contemporary art shares a look and feel that’s instantly recognizable.

Read an interview with the curators: Stefanie Hessler, Kostis Stafylakis and Poka-Yio in Conversation

Stepping into an Arts School

I also had the good fortune to be in town for Poka-Yio‘s inaugural class at the Athens School of Fine Arts — the birth of his studio that will nurture generations of ASFA artists to come. Thanks for letting me take part, and put a few design thinking concepts on the table!