Week 1, Year 2019 — Happy new year!

Photo: Wat Saman Rattanaram in Chachoengsao, a 2hr drive from Bangkok

Saying our new year prayers

In Tokyo, we would typically visit a shrine or temple (or both) to put forth prayers and good vibes into the universe for the coming year. This year we greeted the new year in Bangkok, so one of my sisters used her spider senses and the Internet to identify the luckiest symbols in the vicinity. Def the most powerful of all the places that Japanese like to call ‘power spots’…!

Design Your Talk Topic workshop in Singapore

Following the Tokyo edition, I hosted a Women Talk Design workshop on Designing Your Talk Topic with my ResearchOps buddy Sam Yuen. What I really like about this workshop is that people surprise themselves. Lots of people stayed behind to chat (always a good sign!) and there were some really good questions being posed and chewed on together. More of this, please.

Since it was my second time facilitating this workshop, I had the mind-space to jump into some of the activities myself. So the night came with an unexpected bonus of several topics that I want to put out there about in the future 😺

Working on a website for Design Research Tokyo

I put some hours towards building a simple website, which will hopefully be in a launch-able state before the next Jan 16th event. Next week, I’ll work on my talk for that event, too.