Week 15, 2019– Two conferences and a dinner party

New watering can, French style.

Photo: New watering can, French style.

It’s been an event-heavy week with lots of short interactions with a great many people.

Tuesday was the Design Sprint event, organized by Le Laptop and Google Design. The conference was a really enjoyable event, with intense curiosity and goodwill from the participants. Something special was in the air…

Google Design Sprint Conference | Le Laptop : Space. People. Methods.

In collaboration with Le Laptop, Google Design is joining the local Design Sprint community in Paris to announce the official launch of the Global Design Sprint Chapters program. As one of the premier chapters in this new program Lelaptop will be hosting a Design Sprint Day to bring together Innovation and Design Sprint thought leaders to share their knowledge and experience.

I’d decided to try a different kind of talk which wasn’t about How or What but rather about Why, and to share some recent (i.e. not fully developed) thinking with the audience to chew on. I’d struggled to find a landing for the talk, stripped half my slides the night before, and was a lot more nervous than I usually get before a public talk. It was worth it, though. It seemed to resonate deeply with part of the crowd – and I think I found hints that will push my speaking skills to the next level.

But between the speakers’ dinner the night before, this short talk in the morning and facilitating a workshop in the afternoon, I was totally wiped.

Wednesday was an IxDA Paris / UX Paris event with Cennyd Bowles, who introduced key ideas from his book Future Ethics.

There have been all kinds of talk about ethics in our industry in the past few years. I think there’s significance in ‘one of us’ having made the commitment to go deep and is now able to accelerate our understanding and generate experimentation in a way that just might shift the conversations. I’d really been looking forward to this event, and now that we had the opportunity to meet him – and share a beer or two – I shall take my own next step: finish reading the book!

Tomomi Sasaki on Twitter

Thrilled to learn from @Cennydd at @UXParis @IxDA_Paris 😊 Technology was never neutral. Future tech raises the ethical stakes. https://t.co/uoV9gYpa59

On Friday, I had a friend visiting town and took the occasion to cook a full Thai dinner for seven people. Thai cuisine is quite mysterious to me. I love it and have eaten quite a lot of it over the years but there are too many unfamiliar spices and vegetables for me to deconstruct a dish.

Lucky for me, earlier this year in Bangkok, I found a fantastic Japanese recipe book called “Thai meals with fish sauce”.

I think that there are a few key ingredients that, once you learn how to use, opens up a whole vector of dishes. For example, garlic with Italian dishes, ginger with Chinese dishes, soy sauce and dashi with Japanese dishes… and it turns out that fish sauce is one such ingredient.

I’d been quite pleased with two dishes that I’d practiced last week, and was looking forward to doing a whole spread. On Friday, I cooked three dishes and was really pleased with how each one turned out. My guests were happy with the food, and I was happy, too – these were dishes I’d be glad to cook and eat again!

Cooking is such a high ROI life skill.

The before picture.