Week 16, 2019 — Mentorship, more events and finally a non-weeknote article

Photo: View from Algolia’s office, where the Hexagon event was held.

Becoming a mentor

The Paris chapter of Hexagon UX kicked off its mentoring program with a matching event. I’m excited to participate as one of the 15 mentors, some of whom I know already, and grow together with our mentee cohort.

Here’s a question I’ve been asking people: What is the difference between mentoring, coaching and consulting? A friend who’s a trained coach had a clear definition, and I’m looking to add meat to it. Having worked as a consultant for almost a decade, it’s very easy for me to slip into a problem-solving consultant posture… even when I go into a conversation with a different intention. This is a habit I’m really keen to unlearn. I want to be able to switch modes between the three and stay there.

The minimum commitment is a 30min coffee every other week for three months. That’s a decent chunk of calendar time but what kind of “impact” can there be with someone who would a) essentially be a total stranger in the beginning b) took a completely different journey in starting UX design? Well, a friend reminded me that a new perspective can be unlocked with just one well-articulated sentence that lands at the right time. Wise words!

Fifth DRT event in the books

Episode 5 of Design Research Tokyo was held on the same day – obviously, I wasn’t there in person but there’s plenty of support work to be done after the concept-ing which doesn’t require physical presence, such as coordinating with the speakers, preparing introductory slides, managing social media, etc. It’s pretty cool to follow tweets about an event you helped organize… I find the act of choosing the menu and gathering the ingredients to be satisfactory enough, without being there to see anyone “eat the meal”.

It’s time to wind down what’s been an amazing first season, and take a break before opening the second season.

Published something that’s not a weeknote!

I spent most of last weekend writing up this article, and thanks to great editing support from Chris, managed to publish it. Whoo! A lot of people said good things about it and some folks extended the conversation, which is really cool.

Thanks to the regular weeknoting, I’ve realized that I often have weeks, sometimes back to back, with multiple events. It’s a lot, isn’t it…? It was hidden in plain view because typically I’d engage with one event as an attendee and another as speaker or organizer. So they weren’t being mentally tallied in the same bucket as they should be, because my “being around people” battery needs a full charge outside of these events.

I should look into what May looks like, from this perspective. It’s been a good couple of weeks, though. And the weather has suddenly become sunny, and the whole city’s come alive.