Week 38, 2019 – In Lisbon

I spent a week in Lisbon, Portugal to participate in Intersection Conference, in particular, to deliver a case study presentation with Mael about the customer experience work we’ve been doing for Eurotunnel.

We’d challenged ourselves to construct a case study that wasn’t told in a sequential manner – we did this, then that, then that – and boy, did that create a lot of extra work! It was worth it, though, as it forced us to reflect more deeply about the lessons we’d learned.

I wore a book-themed shirt in a library by accident. Heh.

I was also lucky to take part in an Enterprise Design seminar the day before the talk and added a few elements to bring the narrative closer to the theme of the conference. Putting together talks are so valuable for that – the telling and re-telling of a story might be the best way to make it our own.

This talk was meaningful to me for two reasons:

1) I’ve been a participant at Intersection for several years and was glad to be able to share back a solid piece of work

2) I got to talk about topics near and dear to my heart – taking care of ourselves throughout the ambiguity and complexity of our work, investing in how we learn, and the role of community in our growth

Intersection19 talk – Scaling CX – shared

Scaling CX: A Story About Building Bridges Together Tomomi Sasaki Parter, designer AQ Associate, EDA Mael Inizan Service Design Director Hiveworks https://2019.intersectionconf.com/sessions/building-bridges-together.php September 17th, 2019 / Lisbon, Portugal / Intersection19

Twenty-one weeks since I wrote the last weeknote :/ This is kind of a lame post, especially after a big conference, but well, gotta (re)start somewhere….