Hello world!

There’s a word called imasara in Japanese. An English expression that captures this nuance is something like, “…now!?” For example, if someone came up to you and said, “I’m really digging the Harry Potter series!”, you could say “Imasara!?”.

All right, so it’s the year 2011 and after half a dozen years of blogging in various places around the Internet and manning more Twitter accounts than I can count, I’ve decided to start a personal English blog. Imasara.

Here are my reasons.

  • There are things I want to write about that don’t make sense for Global Voices or the AQ blog.
  • I believe that for a professional in the web industry, a content production habit more than pays off in insights and inspirations related to the online sphere.
  • I have a 30 min x 2 commute, mostly sitting down. Usually, I catch up on Instapaper (good days) or play Tetris while listening to a Slate podcast (pretending to be productive).
  • I want a nice home for my photos, and Flickr’s not it anymore.
  • I love blogging.

I’m pretty psyched, actually. Hello world, and welcome.

Read more about me here.