Tending my Twitter garden

Sometimes I hear of Twitter breaks but arenā€™t people just going to come back to the same stressful mess?

I advocate for thinking of Twitter as a garden that needs regular pruning and watering šŸ˜ŗ If weā€™re going to visit it everyday ā€” and I certainly do, multiple times a day, evenā€”putting in a bit of effort will keep paying off. Continue reading “Tending my Twitter garden”

All you can read Japanese magazines

Rakuten just announced an all-you-can-read book and magazine service. The space is heating up in Japan, whereĀ threeĀ services now competeĀ — Kindle Unlimited (Ā„980/mo), Rakuten(Ā„380/mo), and NTT Docomo’s dMagazine (Ā„400/mo).

I’m intrigued by Kindle Unlimited but worry that I’ll start snacking on books and never finish anything… an existing behavior with books that I buy one by one.

Japanese magazines would be an interesting addition to my reading mix though, and after seeingĀ a comparisonĀ of the magazine publications available from each one,Ā I decided to give dMagazine a whirl.

The image above is the iPad app homepage, and basically looks like you walked into a conbini… for better or for worse!

You can flip through entire magazines like this:Ā dmag2

These hand-selected features are pretty cool, where you can read articles from different magazines about featured topics. I’m looking forward to being more in touch with what the Japanese mass mediaĀ is covering.


The first month is free.