April 2016

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After breaking a personal record for the game of “As Many Workshops in a Month as Possible”, I pulled the blankets over my battered, introverted self and hid slept for two days.

Ran a sprint 

Thirty people in the room, my biggest ever. Also, Legos.

Ran a pre-sprint workshop 

A 3hr workshop to collect people’s stories in the (prickly) problem space, so that we had enough input to design a future sprint.

Ran a two-day product definition workshop

This went without a hitch, except the room had teeny-tiny windows. There should be a requirement for the amount of sky visible from a workshop room…

Gave a workshop on user research at the Intrapreneurship Conference at Numa 

Here’s a short report! 🙂

User research trip in Bangkok

It’s not every day that a client flies you to one of your most favorite cities halfway across the world! Come to think of it, this was another personal record… this one for “As Many Interviews in a Week as Possible”, too. Jetlag, what jetlag?

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