February 2018

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Presenting at Interaction conference

After coming home from London to re-pack my suitcase once again, I took the train to Lyon in the snow to attend the biggest global conference in my field of interaction design. My talk with Milan was well received and it was fun to share the conference experience with my colleague Ryan.

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Designing tools for a customer experience program

The program that I mentioned last month is on it’s way, and AQ is designing a dozen tools that include communication pieces and a range of templates and canvases. I did an enormous amount of planning and coordination, typical for the beginning of a big endeavor when there are a million puzzle pieces on the table and no predetermined number of complete pictures to make. How to properly charge and create space for this kind of strategyzing is something that we’ve yet to figure out – it’s pretty painful.

Supporting Laptop with a masterclass

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I’ve been away from home for almost two months on a very aggressive schedule with multiple, ambitious challenges. It’s nice to be back in Paris, where the city rental cycling system is still taking its sweet time to replace their bicycles, and people are spell bound by the biggest snowfall the city has seen in years. And after weeks in Singapore, Tokyo and London, our apartment feels so spacious. Funny.

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