January 2016

Below are the projects and ideas that I’m working on this month. The list is updated throughout the month, then archived.
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Business development in Tokyo 

I worked out of our Tokyo office in the first two weeks of the year. A dozen with collaborators and past clients to simply catch up turned into four project leads so… not bad.

Learn about storytelling 

Storytelling has always been a soft skill that I know is important but not quite sure how to recognize it and no idea how one goes about acquiring it. A CreativeLive course about storytelling by Alex Blumberg (of This American Life and Planet Money) turned out to have incredible impact on how I approach building presentations, manage accounts, and synthesize research. To be honest, I can’t explain what I’m doing differently but the effect is there.

Working on a new tool idea 

The problem to solve: the heavy load that a “client team universe” has on the memory. I’m talking about big accounts where there are 3-4 dozen people on the client side and navigating those waters is a tricky dance. Aren’t there a hundred and one CRM tools out there? Yes.Do any of them solve this problem for me? Not that I know of. Can’t you use a spreadsheet? I could. Is it worth building? I think so.

Split off part of my blog 

I moved all of my museum and other outing related blog posts to going.ripplet.org.

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