January 2018

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Starting off 2018

I rung in 2018 with family in Tokyo, and worked out of AQ’s Tokyo office for two weeks.

Product design for an HR app

Wrapped up this client project in which I had the role of internal product owner and lead UX designer. It was fun to work with an experienced scrum master (from the development company) and a very engaged client team.

Setting up a customer experience program

For a long-time client of AQ’s in Tokyo, I spent a few days laying the groundwork for a new program to build organizational capability to deliver superior CX. What a very invigorating and worthy challenge – excited to help make this happen over the coming months.

Field research in London

After a pit stop in Paris to re-pack my suitcase, I went to London for a week to join a field research team. Being invited into someone’s home with permission to ask questions about their life is such an intense and humbling experience. Although I’m not temperamentally suited to be a full time researcher, regular time on the field is critical to help ground our work in design to always serve people.

It was also interesting to see so many different parts of London, a fascinating city that I’m always looking for chances to visit. Most of my previous visits were short stints that took me directly to a client’s office or a conference venue. This was the first time I got a sense of how big and harsh the city can be – really similar to Tokyo, in fact, and I realized again that being based in Paris/Tokyo is a good combination.

I was totally overworked in January, and February isnt’t much better, but on occasion there are opportunities that are rocket fuel to build skills and experience. So cool to hurl oneself into serious play, to take a phrase from Lego, and for that to happen in different parts of the world. Hello, 2018!