June 2016

Below are the projects and ideas that I’m working on this month. This page is updated throughout the month, then archived.
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Off to Copenhagen for Intersection Conference 

My brain got a full workout during a two day conference on enterprise design, organized by our friends at eda.c, and my five senses got the same to take in the delights that Copenhagen has to offer.

Here’s a short post with some photos… mostly food!

Baby steps to re-imagine the next version of Tokyo Art Beat apps 

Our uber popular mobile apps are also uber old, and we started our journey to re-launch them by creating a Slack group with the Tokyo-based staff to facilitate a public exchange of ideas. They’re extremely attuned to user sentiment and feedback on social media, the app stores, and in-person conversations. I’ve already learned a ton and will be capturing everything that’s flying around into a tentative product roadmap.

Design sprint on the topic of management behaviors 

I co-facilitated a design sprint with a 15+ group of managers who lead teams of engineers, and we’re going to work on cultural issues. What’s interesting (besides this topic, of course) is that we asked them to do their own user research, as input for the sprint. It was way out of their comfort zone but they did a fantastic job, which brought huge momentum and a personal connection to the sprint.

Planning for next month’s two-week Tokyo trip 

It’s time to spend another two weeks in the AQ Tokyo office, and I’ve started to line up the different activities that I want to do face-to-face — a company all-hands, a partner off-site, progress on some internal projects etc.

Final exams of my French classes 

I forgot to mention in my Month Notes that I’ve been dragging myself taking French classes after work, three times a week. They’re coming to an end soon 🙁

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