May 2016

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User research in a UK manufacturing plant

My streak of exciting research trips continues (see April, for a study in Bangkok) with this opportunity to hang out in a factory with men in helmets making big machines. Activities included shadowing, interviewing, and breaking bread with technicians and engineers… the non-software kind 🙂 Insights will become input for a future design sprint.

A two day trip to UX London

Yup, a second trip to the UK, this time to London with Paul for our first ever UX London. We signed on for a full day of talks and workshops on Design Strategy. I must admit that I’ve become a bit blasĂ© about UX events in the past few years — it’s a lot of the same thing — and was super happy to chew on ideas rather than methodologies. I had some great conversations with fellow attendees and wish we could have stayed at least another day.

In this Rosenfeld Media podcast, organizer Andy Budd talks about how UX London  keeps things fresh by developing a narrative in the conference programming. If you’re an event organizer, listen and be inspired! 

Ran a two day design sprint 

On an ongoing org design project, I ran another design sprint with my collaborators at eda.c. It wasn’t a home run — some parts got sucked into the black hole between stakeholder engagement and production needs — but I’m quite proud that we managed to come out on top.

Bots? Bots! 

I started a secret project with my colleague Marion. To be revealed in due time 🙂

Trial-ing a leave management app 

AQ wants to start counting holidays and overtime, which means new systems and processes. As the most opinionated “process” person at the company, I accepted the role of Guniea Pig to trial the selected app before it’s rolled out for everyone. In two weeks, I’ve managed to remember clocking in… once. Yeah, not sure what’s gonna happen here. Good news is that we’re testing it now, right?

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