November 2015

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One week in San Francisco 

After working on a US specific spin on how to talk about AQ, I met Chris in San Francisco to touch base with past/current/future clients and collaborators. We came back with some strong leads, while enjoying a lot of nourishing food and conversations.

Advise a culture change project for a pan-European company

I’ve joined a small team with a big mandate to help a mega-organization become more collaborative and innovative. Being a design practitioner with project planning and workshop design/facilitation expertise is a great role, and I’m looking forward to applying it on a bigger scale with higher stakes. My first mission was to co-design and facilitate a workshop — happy to report it went really well!

UX design for a human resource data management app 

huubHR, a Singapore-based startup, knocked on AQ‘s door about two years ago to build their MVP and I’ve stayed on as the UX designer. This month, I’m wireframing an update to how accounts are managed, so that companies can create accounts for staff without e-mail addresses. Never assume..

Qualitative research on how music fans listen to online radio

I’m assisting Paul on a project to conduct preliminary user research for a Berlin-based company. They’re heading into the re-design of their online radio product and are interested in re-assessing their assumptions about music fans.

Project management for Think with Google APAC

This is the digital marketing content site for the Asia Pacific region that AQ built for Google last year. This month, I’ve launched a sub-project with Mathieu to re-visit the site design. We’re excited with the chance to have another go at it – armed with an evolved understanding of our users, the content, and Material.

Re-thinking short-term, up-stream product design projects 

I’m interested in working on more short-term, up-stream product design projects where the product concept is fuzzy but there, and we come in for a few weeks to build the foundation for its premise and key interactions… and have started tinkering with our toolbox to engage with clients and collaborators in more strategic ways. It’s kinda hard to communicate.

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