September 2015

Henrique Oliveira

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UX design for a human resource data management app 

This Singapore-based startup knocked on AQ‘s door about two years ago. This month, I wireframed a powerful search feature… which is like an arranged marriage between the requirements of various business processes and complex data models. Their child is someone’s workflow 🙂

Validating a product prototype 

Following a frenzied ideation session with Paul that led to a tool to help people with mid-term planning, we’re now in customer validation mode.

High level interaction design for capturing emotion via a smartphone app

For a service to initiate change of addictive behavioral patterns. I did a lot of sketching, self-experimentation, and thinking about positive reinforcement and conversation-like interactions. Another project with Paul, to be continued next month.

Project management for Think with Google APAC

This is a digital marketing content site for the Asia Pacific region that AQ built for Google last year. Now that it’s live, my biggest challenge as project manager is the constant tweaking of the content creation and governance operations, which mobilizes dozens of people across multiple companies, in accordance to the growth of the site and team.

Onboard AQ to a different software suite for time tracking and resource planning 

This included: vetting the software, planning the transition, seeding the data, designing operations for project managers and staff, documenting all of that, announcing the transition and catching any stragglers. And patting myself on the back…

Experimenting with wearable technology

After wearing the Apple Watch and the Pebble for professional reasons, I was excited to put something on my wrist that interests me as a consumer: the Jawbone UP3. Planning to write a post or two about it.

Create photograph books

To mark my one year anniversary in Paris, I gave on-demand printing a whirl with a selection of photos from my Instagram account. The books turned out alright and it’s nice to have something tangible to mark the passing of time.

Revive this blog 

I’m halfway through a 30 day blogging challenge. The adventure expanded beyond blogging pretty quickly to include moving blogging platforms, re-discovering my Flickr archives, creating reading and travel lists that are meant to be maintained, and experimenting with this format of monthly notes.

Experience the life-changing magic of tidying up…? 

Following the instructions put forth in Marie Kondo’s “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up” resulted in half a day of non-stop sneezing and a very tidy room that’s still tidy a week later. As advertised.

Bits and Pretzels in Munich 

In the final week, it was off to Munich with Paul for some conferencing & to spend some time with Chris. Chris then spent a few days in Paris, so my desk gathered dust while we huddled in meeting rooms and of course, various bars and restaurants.