September 2017

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A long weekend in Arles

Not yet ready to let go of summer traveling, I took the train down from Paris to the town of Arles in the south of France, to visit Rencontres d’Arles, the big annual summer photography festival. It was the tail end of the festival, so even more relaxed than the August trip I took last year. I got a new camera just before I went!

Intersection 2017 in Barcelona

I then took the train to Barcelona, where I met my business partner Chris to participate in Intersection, organized by our friends at Enterprise Design Associates. We had an amazing time at the conference, which helped feed into so much momentum in discussing the future of the company that Chris extended his trip with a few more days in Paris so that we could continue.

Workshop at Numa

I joined forces with my collaborator Anne Landreat to co-facilitate a two day design thinking workshop with Numa. Numa is a startup accelerator which also operates a corporate consulting arm, with a big roster of French companies that want to learn how to be more entrepreneurial. The client were senior executives from an international media conglomerate.

Lots of reading

Having to teach something (and being asked lots of questions!) is a natural motivator to go and read books by people smarter than you! I started reading a few theoretical books that I’d been putting off, and also got my 2017 Reading List in order — hadn’t updated that in almost a year, oops.

Three books I’ve especially enjoyed:

Some writing, too

After years of being a read-only Medium user, I finally gave in started writing on it. As the next step to re-activating the company’s social media operations, I’m making a big push to create editorial content. There are another half a dozen articles in the pipeline and I’m happy to be writing again!

Quite pleased that the Design Sprint article received good feedback and circulation within the UX design community.

Hiring activities at AQ

We’ve put a call for a UX Lead position. It’s not an easy hire, considering the work experience, language skills, and re-location required. Chris and I spent quite a bit of time shaping the message for the job description but it’s paying off. Now that candidates are getting in touch, we’ve started the interviewing process. It’s a great opportunity to meet senior UX designers and exchange on where the profession is heading.

Submitted a talk to Interaction ’18

The annual conference by Interaction Design Association (IxDA) is next February in Lyon, France. I’d reeeeeaaaaally like to attend, which motivated Milan Guenther and I to pull together a talk proposal. It’s about using design sprints to ignite change within the enterprise. Fingers crossed.